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Cardioinfantil Foundation

Institution Accredited by Joint Commission International
Cardiovascular FocusLiver transplantNeuroscienceOrthopedicsPediatric subspecialties

Accredited and recognized nationally and internationally

Cardiology Institute

The Cardioinfantil Foundation is ranked as the first hospital in Bogotá and third best in Latin America, according to the 2019 ranking of AméricaEconomia magazine. In addition, it is one of the few Colombian institutions accredited internationally by the Joint Commission International, recognition received for the first time in 2014.


The Cardioinfantil Foundation is a non-profit institution founded in 1973 by doctors Reinaldo and Camilo Cabrera with the aim of serving the pediatric population with congenital cardiovascular diseases. In 1993, he decided to expand his attention to the pediatric and adult population with more than 53 subspecialties, creating the Cardiology Institute.

In these 46 years of history, the Institution has added great advances that have a positive impact on the health sector and the well-being of patients:

In 1984 the Institute of Cardiology was created for the care of adult patients with cardiovascular pathologies. Five years later, in this Institute, the specialized medical team would make the first pacemaker implant of the Foundation. In 2005 a milestone would open the doors to the internationalization of our services, with the attention of the first international patient.

We strive to provide safe, quality and humanized care at every step of the cycle by our Institution. We know that we obtain the best clinical results when we provide a comprehensive service and guarantee the best practices by putting our patients and their families first.

We have a Patient Experience Department that works daily to guarantee our care model. Our team of professionals aims to identify their needs, based on resources and data and information analysis, and constantly generate actions that focus not only on the provision of excellent services, but on the identification, planning and execution of best sustainable practices that lead us to have a high rating in the satisfaction of our users.

More than 1000 patients treated per year
Agreement with more than 20 countries
More than 100 international agreements
Cardiovascular focus: 30%
Transplant: 5%
Orthopedics: 25%
Neurosciences: 20%
Pediatric subspecialties: 15%
Others: 5%

Cardiovascular focus: Pediatric and adult cardiovascular surgery, pediatric and adult electrophysiology, pediatric and adult hemodynamics
Liver and kidney transplantation for international patients with a living related donor.
Orthopedics of high complexity
Pediatric subspecialties


Medical specialties: Cardioinfantil Foundation

Cardiovascular FocusLiver transplantNeuroscienceOrthopedicsPediatric subspecialties



Names and surnames Dr. Andrés Felipe Rodríguez Sánchez
Position Subdirector Comercial de la Fundación Cardioinfantil
Phone Number +57 317 363 3550
Names and surnames Sandra Patricia Valois
Position Jefe Administrativa del Centro Internacional
Phone Number +57 321 245 38104
Names and surnames Ángela María Hernández Montoya
Position Coordinadora Administrativa del Centro Internacional
Phone Number +57 317 367 5294
Names and surnames Johanna Gutiérrez Ortiz
Position Coordinadora Médica del Centro Internacional
Phone Number +57 317 363 3561
Names and surnames Diana Alejandra Macías Rueda
Position Coordinadora de Enfemería del Centro Internacional
Phone Number +57 317 435 0553
Names and surnames José Luis Peralta Uribe
Position Médico del Centro Internacional
Phone Number +57 318 343 6708