Colombia, an attractive healthcare destination for medical treatments

Colombian medicine is recognized in Latin America and worldwide as a pioneer and leader in the provision of healthcare services, which has positioned the country as one of the most attractive destinations in terms of medical treatments. In fact, Colombia has been working for years in the consolidation and search for health services excellence, offering a highly competitive context and great strengths.

The Colombian healthcare providers (hospitals and clinics) are ranked in the best positions in LATAM; they have national and international quality accreditations, world class medical facilities and highly professional staff.

The prices of healthcare services in Colombia are lower around 25-30% compared to the US and 10%-15% lower than other countries in Latin America such as Chile and Brazil. Our prices are very competitive with the same technology, quality standards and trained human resource.

International patients can find in Colombia:


  • High quality standards: which has an impact on patient safety.
  • Technology and infrastructure: that allow to treat really complex patients.
  • Medical staff trained in the main hospitals and universities in Colombia and the world.  
  • Physicians with international professional qualifications.
  • Reasonable and affordable price, keeping the highest quality standards.
  • Warm and friendly service.
  • Innovation and research: the country has been a pioneer in diagnoses, treatments and surgeries.
  • Medical treatment for specific diseases.
  • Various hospitals across the country with different climate and temperature.
  • No long waiting list for medical treatments.
  • Touristic attractions.