Health Tourism in Colombia

Health tourism is the process in which a person travels to receive health services in a country other than the one in which they reside.

Categories of Health services

Curative Medicine

I want to address my specific medical concern. Promotes the good health of people through multiple modalities to treat, understand and improve the quality of life with a disease

Preventive medicine

I want to optimize my health to prevent illness or injury
– Identify risk factors and understand disease prevention better
– Optimizes health through transitions
– healthy aging, pregnancy, etc.

Aesthetic Medicine

I want to look better so I can feel better about myself
Denotes satisfaction with one’s own physical appearance

Inspired Wellness

I want to feel good emotionally doing something good for me
Social: satisfaction with relationships and performance in social roles
Spiritual / mental: degree in which a person feels positive and enthusiastic about himself and the physical / environmental life: physical activity, healthy food and nutrition, relationship with the environment

“E” Services

Reading diagnostic images, Laboratory tests

Actual trends

Health services are migrating in two major avenues under the concept of well-being and pure curative medicine

Principal statistics

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