Public-Private Partnership

ANDI World Class Project

Health Services Exports

In 2007, the Colombian government and the private sector joined forces to develop a long-term competitiveness policy. This policy generated an agenda between the public sector and the private sector, as a result a vision was defined to make Colombia a middle-income country in 2032.

This public-private partnership between the Productive Transformation Program of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Procolombia and the Private Sector led by the ANDI´s Health Services Chamber, developed a Business Plan for the Health Tourism Sector, in which it was defined a schedule of activities to work initiatives in different subcommittees, which are divided into the following thematic: Strengthening and Promotion of Industry, Infrastructure, Regulatory Framework and Development of Human Capital.

These subcommittees seek to break down some barriers that currently block the sector and seek to increase the export potential of the different areas of the Health Sector. To achieve this vision, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism creates the Productive Transformation program, which implies a Public-Private partnership that seeks to create and develop the World Class Health Tourism sector in Colombia.

What we want?

Position Colombia as a medical destination for people seeking specialized medicine, with the best international standards, health institutions that have qualified doctors, human warmth in care, technology and high infrastructure for the international patient.