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Clinica Las Americas AUNA

Hospital dedicated to provide medium and high complexity services
NeurologyOncologyOrthopedicsPain MedicinePreventive medicine


The Clinic is considered as a high-complexity institution that offers specialized and comprehensive services.

We are a hospital center dedicated to provide mid and high complexity services in 77 specialties and subspecialties. The Clinic has 340 beds available for hospitalization, intensive care, special care, neonatal care and microbiological protection. Clínica Las Américas Auna is a Health care service provider institution considered by Colombia’s Ministry of Health Care to be in the third complexity level offering specialized and comprehensive health services. Las Américas Auna its part of Auna network, a health and wellness company with more than 6.000 employees, with operations in Perú and Colombia.

Clínica Las Américas Auna started operating on October 28, 1993, with outpatient services that included operating rooms and several diagnostic aids. In time, the Clinic constantly developed and grew until becoming the flagship institution it is today for both the city and the country. Furthermore, within the international market the Clinic is considered as a high-complexity institution that offers specialized and comprehensive services.

Clínica Las Americas has a special office for the attention of international patients to provide care in all the procedures for booking appointments with specialists, agreements with hotels in the city for special rates, permanent support and from the airport and during your visit to our institution. We have experience in attention to international patients since 2001, receiving patients from countries such as Spain, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, United States among others.

Number of international patients in the last 3 years:

  • 2016: 1155
  • 2017: 1506
  • 2018: 1892
  • 2019: 1877


Medical specialties: Clinica Las Americas AUNA

NeurologyOncologyOrthopedicsPain MedicinePreventive medicine



Names and surnames Sara Chica
Position Nurse
Phone Number +57 311 609 8842 - +5743458357
Names and surnames Laura Yepes
Position Analyst
Phone Number +57 311 609 8842