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Medihelp Services Colombia Clinic

High quality and high quality medical institution
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A trained and bilingual team

Optimal service to international patients

Our ability to adapt to changes in the sector allows us to continue offering the greatest effort to achieve the satisfaction of our users who are finally the reason that drives us to define improvements that positively impact your stay in our institution and make this a pleasant experience. We offer our international patients an optimal service since we receive international insurance and we have bilingual staff.

The Medihelp Services Clinic is a Health Services Provider Institution (IPS) founded in 2001 and strategically located in the city of Cartagena – Colombia, which, being the most attractive district in the country for nationals and foreigners, was viewed as the perfect city to develop a medical institution of high coverage and high quality. Thanks to its incomparable beauty and strategic marine location, since the beginning of the project to create the clinic, Cartagena offered an added value in the medical care of patients who after surgical interventions sought to have a recovery with pleasant and wonderful results. The magic of the corralito de piedra, the tranquility and colonial past drew the attention of patients from all over the Americas, especially in the area of ​​Florida – United States. We provide health services based on a model of quality care, safety and humanized care.


Number of patients treated in 2018: 1,200

Number of patients treated in 2019: 1,100

Medical specialties: Medihelp Services Colombia Clinic

Bariatric SurgeryHome ConsultationNeurologyOrthopedicsPlastic SurgeryUrology



Names and surnames Cecilia Otero
Position Deputy Director International Area
Phone Number (57 5) 6475290 ext 155 / (+57 5) 320 549 5297